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Meet the Real Sarah Palin Archives

October (193)
Ayers Dedicated Book to Sirhan Sirhan, Robert Kenn...
Reporters Get a Last Day of October Surprise; the ...
First exit poll of actual American votes from Isra...
Look Who Came to Dinner!!!!!!
Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!
Obama's Ad Skips Over Realities
Former ACORN staffer testifies organization was fu...
Alaskan Democrats join defense of Palin, natural g...
Celebrity Nonsense: Why I'd Be a Better VP than Sa...
Obama's Speechwriter Opens Eyes, Votes McCain-Pali...
Who is Vera Baker?????????
Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations
Why would the State Department assist Obama by ena...
Every Day it's a Getting Closer!!!!!
Loose Change
Spread the Wealth Around
The"Poor" Reverend Wright's New Mansion
Hate Crimes Come in Many Different Forms
Words Matter
Uncle Sam's Dilemma
Media Picking up on Obama's Dubious Donations
Palin deserves our respect
Sarah Palin is a Brainiac
Obama: Most Secretive Democratic Candidate Ever
Media Bias.....Nah!!!!!
These pictures speak louder than words!!!
Biden:"Whoa,Whoa,Whoa,WHOA!!!! Slow up here,Ol' Bu...
"Yep. Every week. 11 o’clock service"
A shameful despicable act
Yikes!!! Obama wants reparations!!!
Sarah Ditches Expensive Duds for Jeans
Sarah Palin in Florida - and a Good Time Was Had b...
Obama's Campaign Punishing Florida WFTV Station fo...
Khalidi-Obama relationship Shows What Obama's Real...
Who's Vera Baker?
A Couple of Bad Egg(heads): Obama and Ayers
Government computers used to find information on J...
We Still Don't Know Who Obama Is......
LaHood Needs to Put a Sock in it!!!
Sarah Palin Has Been Shamefully Mistreated by the ...
HuffPo's Mary Mapes Says Right-Wing Bloggers are a...
Jeri Thompson Great on Hannity Appearance
What if 'SNL' mocked Michelle Obama?
Democratic Leaders will Consult with Barack Obama ...
Jon Meacham Says Obama Supporters Likely to be Dis...
Obama's Plans for Your Money
Loud crowd buoys John McCain in must-win state of ...
Commentary: For women in public eye, looks matter
AP-GFK poll shows McCain, Obama in virtual tie
More Than 3,000 Academics Sign Pro-Ayers Petition
McCain ‘amazed’ by Palin treatment
Team Sarah Members Will Call One Million Women Sat...
Does Obama Intend to Reinstate the DRAFT???
Pizza for Stolen McCain-Palin Signs
Palin on Biden's Warning of a Major Internation Cr...
Palin visit energizes Colorado supporters
Gov. Pawlenty: Obama Not Ready To Handle An Intern...
With Biden as Veep, Would we Have any State Secret...
A Shout Out for Virginia, Birthplace of Our Nation...
Negativity a Matter of Perception?
Mark My Word: Obama's Review of Ayer's Book
UPDATED: Sarah Palin Has Jewish Ancestry
Biden Predicts a Major International Crisis Within...
Now is Not the Time to Experiment with Socialism
Palin draws big ratings for 'Saturday Night Live'
McCain Closing Gap
Bill Ayers and Obama Shared an Office for at Least...
Sarah Palin on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
Colin Powell Thinks we Need a Generational Change
Sarah Palin: 'Hotter in person' (Baldwin)
ELECTION 2008: 4 Weathermen terrorists declare sup...
He's Baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the Winner is ..................
Repeating History
Sarah Palin on SNL,You Betcha........
Why Did You Lie?
McCain-Palin Plan Is Better for Coal
Palin Goes Beyond Politics to the Personal
Mentally Challenged Man Forced to Cast Ballot for ...
Chicago Planning a Chilly Reception for Obama Elec...
Who is Franklin Raines? Who is Jim Johnson?
Gang of ugly trolls invades Team Sarah Chatroom
John McCain rally in Downingtown Pennsylvannia
UPDATE: RICO Investigation of ACORN
Time Reporter Declares McCain the Winner!!!!!!
Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Leader
This Pastor has guts!!
Example of Questions You Wish You Hadn't Asked
McCain finally wins one!!!
Imustimes is Live Blogging Right Now!!!!
Obama’s Extensive Ties to Hate Groups and Bigots
Palin to N.H.: Prove the pundits wrong
Shocking development: Mrs Obama decides enough is ...
The Speech that Never Was
Obama can't even unite 218 Democrats, much less Am...
Sal From Howard Stern Interviews Prospective Voter...
America is at risk of taxing herself out of a demo...
Former Clinton Supporters for McCain-Palin
Just how 'American' must a president be?
Can't Believe Its Not Earned!!!
Hank Williams Jr. Sings McCain-Palin Tradition
Obama's 95% Illusion
Charlie Gibson says its important to 'expose' Sar...
Media pushes false 'rape kit' charge against Gov. ...
Farrakan Calls Obama the Messiah
Backpedaling Like a Monkey at the Circus!!!!!
19 Year Old Registered to Vote 73 Times!!!!!
Obama's Million Dollar Men pt.1
Stocks Soar 11 Percent on Aid to Banks
US STOCKS-Wall St soars on bank rescue, Morgan dea...
Johnston speaks on Bristol Palin, Obama and baby
Palin Concentrates on Economy
"Permanent Link: IsraelENews: Obama Born In Kenya?...
ACORN’s Nutty Regime for Cities
Everyone is out to destroy Palin - but it's Obama'...
Madonna on Palin; "I will Kick Her ......"
Audacity Of Deception & Hypocrisy
Chicago Style Politics in Ohio
Exclusive: McCain to unveil new economic plans
Is Sarah Palin Jewish?
McCain's Letter in 2006 Could Have Prevented the P...
Obama Says ACORN and Other Community Organizing Gr...
Palin criticizes Obama on abortion at Pa. rally
Palin Drops the "First Puck" in Philly
Palin on SNL? It's a Done Deal, NY Post Reports
Governor Schwarzenegger Gives Palin His Full Appro...
Judges and Judgement.......
ACORN Wide Spead Vote Fraud Exposed
Obama’s ‘Good Will’ Hunting
Ayers Has Not Left Radicalism Behind
Bad Economy May Hurt Obama
NRA Political Victory Fund EndorsesMcCain-Palin in...
Sarah Palin related to Princess Diana and Franklin...
19 Year Old Registers to Vote 72 Times!!!
Obama's Speech Auditory Tape Found
Reasons to Vote Democratic
AYERS-OBAMA LINK Too Many Coincidences!!!
Archives prove Obama was a New Party member
Prosecutors move to delay Rezko sentencing
Creepy Comrades: The Ayers-Chavez Connection
$600 Earrings?
$845 Billion More Expenditure Planned by Obama
Bill Ayers Stepping on a US Flag
Liberman Calls Obama Naïve
Barney Frank's Bankrupt Ideas
The First Thing Obama Would Do
Obama Got $20M HUD Grant For Supporter And Former ...
Sarah Barracuda
Sharp Words from McCain for Obama in N.M.
Must Watch Video: Ayers Connection
When Sarah Met Harry
Michael Reagan: Obama Lied About My Dad
Palin Creates a Coffee Cup Stir in California
LA NOW President Endorses SARAH PALIN!!!
Ayers and Obama Together Again
The Obama-Ayers Education Story: Funding Left-Wing...
Playing by the Rules: a Radical's Playbook
Sojourning Socialists and Community Organizers
Palin Goes After Obama-Ayers Connection
Palin Discusses her Newspaper Reading
Sarah Palin is the Our Best Hope!!!
Palin, McCain and the Weeks Ahead
Can Obama Produce His Birth Certificate?
Kathleen Parker's mea culpa
More Celebrity Nonsense
CBS: Palin the Second Coming of Reagan
Operation Shock the World: Sarah Palin Delivers Ag...
Jackie Mason Says Sarah Silverman is a "Sick Yenta...
Let Sarah be Sarah!!!
Admit it; She Kicked His Natural Behind!
Frank Luntz Group: Palin Wins
Palin Performance Helps McCain Regain Political Fo...
Palin Nails It!!!!!!!!!
Song for Obama
New Poll Shows McCain Leading in Va.
Obama's Kind of Change
Sarah and David; A Lesson from the Bible
I Can See Clearly, Now.....
US Senate Passes Bail-Out Plan!!!
Ifill on Trial Tomorrow Night
McCain calls revamped bailout bill an improvement
Outrageous and Illegal Misuse of NBC and News Anch...
With This Lady for Moderator How Can Palin Win?
McCain for president: A certain leader for uncerta...

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